Tuesday, January 12, 2010

RIP Sandro de America

There is sad news from the Spanish music community. Sandro de America, the Argentine Elvis, is dead at the age of 64. Just over a week ago, the first man to break Spanish music into the U.S. pop scene died from complications after surgery.

I found his obituary while browsing the web for story ideas for my foreign correspondence class. Once I saw it, I knew this was perfect for Radio Chevere. The man embodied chevere, but until last week I had no idea who he was. Allow me to share...

Born Roberto Sanchez, Sandro began his music career with Los de Fuego in the 1960s. After taking over as frontman, Sandro and his Elvis-like swivel and charm made him a superstar.

By 1970, this Argentine rock 'n' roll legend had filled Madison Square Garden five times. One of the performances was the first concert ever to be broadcast via satellite. Obviously, the transmission was sent back to Argentina.

Just like his North American doppelganger, Sandro used his stardom to make a presence on the silver screen. The roles weren't award-winning, but that didn't turn away his worshipping fans.

Upon word of his Sandro's death, fans took to the streets mourning the loss together. Here's a look at some of the photos from his funeral service attended by tens of thousands:

Roberto "Sandro" Sanchez: August 19, 1945 - January 4, 2010

Duerme con angeles,
DJ Gringuito

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