Monday, September 27, 2010

¡Qué dúo!

Two mega music stars of the Hispanic world are shining together. Juan Luis Guerra joins Enrique Iglesias to deliver the one song to rule all others during my time in Mexico.

"Cuando Me Enamoro" is a love song like any other. And with a title of "When I Fall in Love", these guys don't even bother with innuendos.

So why bother mentioning it?

Because pairing the sweet voices of Iglesias and Guerra is enough to make the biggest macho man ask for a hug. Okay, maybe not a hug. But I've seen plenty of guys singing along to this song as if it's their anthem. Even I've joined in during the chorus, because damn if it isn't catchy.

The song is from Enrique's newest album, Euphoria. If the lovely duet with Guerra isn't your style, then give "I Like It" a listen. With Pitbull at his side, Enrique rocks the club scene with the first single from his new album.

"Cuando Me Enamoro" is the perfect track for all the hopeless romantics out there, and "I Like It" was made for a little grind time in the clubs. Oh Enrique, is there anything he can't do?

- DJ Gringuito

Friday, September 10, 2010

Los Discos

Greetings, Rock Lobsters, from the wonderful Mexican state of Yucatán! I'm here for an internship with a TV news station, but that's not important. You're here for music.

Throwing a curveball your way, this post is dedicated to my adventure at a Mexican dance club. Nearly three years after my first "disco" experience, I still enjoyed the heart-pounding house music and American pop remixes...

I was glad to see that the many “discos” of Mérida continued to profit in my absence. Traveling down Paseo Montejo (the main drag of the city), I could see crowds of teens, twenty-somethings and adults.

Yes, it is possible to spot a handful of middle-aged men posted at the bar. Once they grab their drinks, they circle the club with heads a bobbin’ and chest hair a poppin’. It would be creepy, if it weren’t so entertaining to watch.

From that description, it should be obvious that I enjoy people-watching. But, boy, are the tables turned when I walk in a club. It definitely has nothing to do with my style or dance moves, though. I just happen to be taller and whiter than everyone else. And, did I mention, less coordinated on the dance floor?

All right, that’s enough self-deprication for now. Friday night my roommate and I met some of his friends at Tequila. You’re right to assume from the name that Tequila is not a family establishment.

If you want to know how my night ended, you can finish the story at The Yucatán Diaries. It's my own blog covering my many adventures in Mexico.

-DJ Gringuito