Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Belanova, muy bonita

American crossover Spanish Pop is all well n' good, but there are other bands out there that make Enrique's music seem like Megadeth. The synth-pop music of Belanova does so without missing a beat. This Mexican trio of vocals, keyboard and bass are guilty pleasures for music lovers all over the world.

The closest comparison to Belanova is Aqua. Aqua might not be American, but their songs have certainly killed enough brain cells on this side of the pond. Don't worry, Belanova is much better and big names have requested their services. The band has worked with Disney Latin America (apparently everything in the U.S. exists in Latin America too as long as the words Latin America are slapped onto the end). The band even promoted for Pizza Hut, how cheesy is that!

Bad puns aside, Belanova has had a lot of commercial success. Their single "Por Ti" reigned at number 1 on MTV Mexico's show "Top 20" for 29 weeks. And you thought BSB had a stronghold on TRL back in the day. Even better, their third album, Fantasia Pop went Gold in three days. Oro en tres dias!

Give the album a listen and you'll see why. The lead singer's smooth, cutesy voice takes listeners to another planet, a pop world full of sunshine and rainbows. The aptly named album plays like a soundtrack to a dream.

It's a good thing I don't own a convertible, because songs like "Baila Mi Corazaon" ("My Heart Dances") would drive me to blast the speakers and sing my little, poppy heart out. By the time "Vestida de Azul" ("Blue Dress") came on, I would be stepping on the gas to avoid an ass kicking.

The band is so overly fabulous that you almost have to embrace it. If your friends catch you jamming out to "Por Esta Vez," enjoy it too much to seem sincere. While you're lost in a world of fluffy clouds and happiness, they'll think you're being funny. You could never get away with this with Hannah Montana songs.

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