Sunday, October 31, 2010

Merida's Music Drama

Dayron y El Boom used to be the biggest fish in Mérida's local music pond. Now that I'm back in the city, I've learned that the two are now separate. The "y" is gone.

When they were together, the Cuban/Mexican band practically owned Mambo Cafe, the city's prime salsa club. Check out this video of them performing their hit "El Baile de las Nenas."

Rumor has it that the group split up because lead singer Dayron Núñez was ready for his solo career. Not wanting to lose fans, the rest of the band just kept the name El Boom, and added La Mezcla Perfecta. Dayron is seen as the bad guy, but naming yourself "the perfect mix" won't earn you any sympathy points.

So where are they now?

Dayron's solo career didn't last long. He joined fellow Cuban cantante Alejandro "El Baby" González to form the duo Dayron y Baby. It appears Dayron dropped a fantastic salsa orquestra for a twin, and their song "Contra la Pared" is auto-tuned to the point where they sound like Wisin y Yandel, or any other duo out right now. But it has nothing on the action-packed live performance in Mérida less than a year ago. Here's their spastic performance of "Exa."

El Boom seems to be doing just as well without their charismatic frontman, because now they have four. Several members from the band now share the role that was once held by one half of the rising star that is Dayron y Baby.

The band continued to play at Mambo Cafe until it was shut down for serving minors and drug charges.* Here's the band moving the club with "Gran Lanzamiento". El Boom now has a music video too. Check out "Niña," which was shot right here in Mérida.

With Dayron in Cuba, and El Boom still in Mérida, I have to declare El Boom: La Mezcla Perfecta the winner. It's a shame though, because the fans are the biggest losers. Dayron y el Boom used to put on one helluva show.

*I now live within walking distance of where Mambo Cafe used to thrive. The thought of walking to a salsa club to drink, dance and enjoy a night out, then walking home to my bed is like a that'll never be fulfilled.

Oh well!
Dj Gringuito

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