Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ven con Venegas

While researching Ana Tijoux, I stumbled upon Julieta Venegas. I first heard about this Mexican cantante during my time in Mérida. But my first exposure left me immediately refusing to listen to her music.

It all started when a friend of mine found Venegas' song "Limon y Sal". It's a cute pop song about Julieta wanting her man "with lemon and salt," just like chelada beer. Oh how fun! But a thousand listens later, I was burnt out and uninterested in the rest of her work.

What a mistake! Her sweet voice could warm even the crankiest curmudgeon's heart (mine after hearing "Limon y Sal" numerous times a day). With an award's list full of Latin Grammys, Latin VMAs and one Grammy for Best Latin Pop Album for Limon y Sal (aaahhh!).

As much as I complain about the catchy song, there are plenty of great tracks on the album. "Eres Para Mi" features the aforementioned emcee Ana Tijoux. When Tijoux couldn't make Venegas' MTV Unplugged show, La Mala Rodriguez filled the role and rocked the mic.

There's more to Venegas than her award-winning voice (and looks. Oh c'mon, I've made it this far without commenting on her natural beauty). Anyhow, prepare yourself for Venegas' squeezing an accordion for "Me Voy." Yes, an accordion! And you thought Feist was quirky!

Slow and simple lyrics make Venegas a great artist for beginning listeners and Spanish-speakers. Even if you don't understand her yet, her voice is sure to coo you to a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Estoy enamorado (otra vez),
DJ Gringuito

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