Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nueva Reina de Hiphop?

Do you know what comes from Chile? If you said hip-hop, by golly, you're right! Earlier this week, Chilean hip-hop artist Ana Tijoux's new album 1977 hit the U.S.

I'll save her background info for next week, and keep this post brief. Long story short, Tijoux has already toured the U.S. once, so 1977 is already attracting plenty of attention state-side.

The Austin Chronicle says Tijoux rhymes with, "wicked wordplay and effortless flow." Proving that the U.S. is a black hole for talent, the Los Angeles Times calls Tijoux, "one of South America's best-regarded MCs, male or female."

Until I drop some biographical knowledge on ya, check out her new single "1977." If that's not enough, here's a live performance of it too!

Estoy enamorado,
DJ Gringuito

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