Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Musica del Restaurante

So I didn't make it home for Easter this weekend. No biggie. My roommates and I founded our own Easter tradition: Drunk Mexican Easter!

We decided that the best place to celebrate la Pascua is at Gran Ranchero, the new Mexican restaurant on the block. While we sat around the chips, salsa y cerveza, I noticed the music playing through the establishment.

That's when I decided it was time to rank the Mexican restaurants in Athens by their musical selections! I'll work my way up to the champion.

3.) Casa Lopez: If this judgment was based on cuisine, Casa Lopez would easily walk away with the belt. However, I'm focusing on the restaurant's ability to satisfy my ears, not my taste buds.

Casa Lopez does not necessarily play bad music, but what music it does play is too quiet. Located far out on East State Street, Casa Lopez is the original family-friendly Mexican restaurant in town. This is likely the reason for the subdued tunes and muffled music.

2.) Gran Ranchero: I've only ventured to Gran Ranchero twice since its opening a few months ago, but that's all I need. This place is pretty spectacular. It easily boasts the best atmosphere of all.

Musically, Gran Ranchero does a nice job. The place has to have a great sound system to fill the massive space that is its dining area. Besides my Easter visit involving more Spanish Christian music than I would prefer to hear in a lifetime, both of my visits included solid sonidos.

1.) Rio Grande: It pains me to say it, but Rio Grande has the best Spanish-language music in Athens. The stomping ground for underage sorority sisters gulping down over-sized margaritas just so happens to bump the beats better than anybody else.

There might be telenovelas on the screens, but you can be sure that only the hottest reggaeton, ranchero y pop music is pouring through the speakers. I'm not a huge fan of the food, but then again, it's hard to mess up Mexican food. So tell your tummy what's comin', because Rio Grande is where la musica viva.

Tengo hambre,
DJ Gringuito

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