Sunday, February 21, 2010


The band members of Ozomatli continued to change and so did their sound. By the time Don't Mess with the Dragon hit the scene in 2007, Ozomatli was appealing to more U.S. listeners.

Compared to their first album, Ozomatli drastically reduced the number of Spanish-language tracks. Their self-titled debut boasts nine songs with primarily Spanish lyrics. Don't Mess with the Dragon only has three. There's certainly nothing wrong with this change, but it does highlight a change in the band's intended demographic.

English Dragon
"Can't Stop" opens the album in typical Ozomatli style: upbeat rhythms, catchy hooks and a positive message. The good feeling continues with a light-hearted song about following that special girl once the night ends. "After Party" is Ozomatli's take on those cheesy, yet sweet, Motown classics of the 60s.

Spanish Dragon
There might only be three Spanish language tracks on Dragon, but they're all great. "La Temperatura" is true to Ozomatli's original sound of 21st century Spanish-language big band. "La Segunda Mano" shows audiences just how far this band has changed, musically. English rhymes flow over subliminal Spanish message, and it's all mixed together with a few DJ scratches. Finally, "La Gallina" is likely the most absurd song Ozomatli has created. And the video just adds to the confusion.

Now Ozomatli fans are left waiting for the next album. Lucky for this post's timing, the newest Ozo-album, Fire Away, will hit stores April 20 this year.

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