Friday, September 10, 2010

Los Discos

Greetings, Rock Lobsters, from the wonderful Mexican state of Yucatán! I'm here for an internship with a TV news station, but that's not important. You're here for music.

Throwing a curveball your way, this post is dedicated to my adventure at a Mexican dance club. Nearly three years after my first "disco" experience, I still enjoyed the heart-pounding house music and American pop remixes...

I was glad to see that the many “discos” of Mérida continued to profit in my absence. Traveling down Paseo Montejo (the main drag of the city), I could see crowds of teens, twenty-somethings and adults.

Yes, it is possible to spot a handful of middle-aged men posted at the bar. Once they grab their drinks, they circle the club with heads a bobbin’ and chest hair a poppin’. It would be creepy, if it weren’t so entertaining to watch.

From that description, it should be obvious that I enjoy people-watching. But, boy, are the tables turned when I walk in a club. It definitely has nothing to do with my style or dance moves, though. I just happen to be taller and whiter than everyone else. And, did I mention, less coordinated on the dance floor?

All right, that’s enough self-deprication for now. Friday night my roommate and I met some of his friends at Tequila. You’re right to assume from the name that Tequila is not a family establishment.

If you want to know how my night ended, you can finish the story at The Yucatán Diaries. It's my own blog covering my many adventures in Mexico.

-DJ Gringuito

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