Monday, June 7, 2010

La Despedida

When the lovely people at ACRN first asked me to blog about Spanish music, I was baffled that someone would actually come to me for anything music-related. Let's be honest, nobody knows music like my fellow Rock Lobsters.

My shallow grasp of the Spanish-language music scene was enough for my first couple weeks of blogging. Soon after, I had to search the interwebs for new music just to meet my weekly deadline. I'm happily did it though, because it made me a better blogger. The better understanding has me finally feeling like a true langosta.

Nearly six months after it's inception, Radio Chevere is still going strong. If you haven't learned anything; too bad, because I know I have. But the weekly Spanish lessons are coming to end. As an alum, I will be out of the Lobster-loop. :(

Ending on a happy note, I'm going to Mexico in September! I'll be down there for an internship, but you can be sure that I'll be enjoying the music scene. Who knows, I just might be back for a couple random updates. Hasta luego, familia.

Nos vemos,
DJ Gringuito