Sunday, March 14, 2010

La Musica de Guerra

Juan Luis Guerra put the Dominican Republic on the musical map. His talent is comparable to Clapton and his image to Buffet. Guerra fuses styles like bachata and merengue to produce a smooth sound that pleases all ears.

The success started with Guerra's first hit single, "Ojalá Que Llueva Café." That's right, this guy's first step toward fame was with a song title "I Hope It Rains Coffee." But it's not all sunshine and coffee bean precipitate.

"El Costo de la Vida" attracted international attention for Guerra, but most of it was negative. The song's snappy horn section and general light feel mask the song's accusatory lyrics. A few roughly translated lines are "no one cares what you think, because you don't speak English" and "democracy
can't grow when corruption plays chess."

Guerra changed the pace with his next album, Fogaraté, with songs like "La Cosquillita," which translates to "The Little Tickle." Qué linda! If that doesn't put a smile on your face and a groove in your move, Guerra's got plenty more. The track "Viviré" is sure to make you hug the closest person to you.

If that's not enough lovey-dovey, warm n' fuzzy music, Guerra continued his bachata ballads with "Mi PC." This guy is so slick with the innuendos, he compares his lady to a computer. As cheesy as that sounds, I'm not even going to translate the lines about her "hard drive."

Guerra swooned more than just the ladies with his lyrics. La Llave de mi Corazón earned him Album, Record and Song of the Year in 2007. Guerra even reaches out to U.S. listeners with English songs like "Medicine for My Soul." Don't worry, songs like "Amores" maintain Guerra's tradition of upbeat, splashy tunes with enough horns to blow any non-believers to the back of the dance hall. Check out that "Amores" video, because Guerra often sings too fast and the lyrics are all listed on the video.

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